We are Innovators

Build Flow helps to slingshot the construction industry forward, using a bespoke automation system to help you with your construction and project management needs.

Our Story

Here at Build Flow, our small but dedicated team came together because of a shared passion: that of technology and it’s powerful utility in helping ordinary people to do things more effectively. First and foremost, we are a software company with a focus on digital innovation, but have chosen construction as our first vertical as we saw a huge opportunity to assist this industry in modernising itself. The three of us  have very different backgrounds, but very similar visions for how we can use things like automation and software to optimise industries like these. Likewise, we’ve got our sights set on expansion out into other industries and verticals, once we fulfil our ultimate proof of concept - that we can automate everything!

What We Offer

Unique, innovating software to cause a step change in the industry, not an incremental one
Sustainably minded, and working towards a lower carbon footprint for projects
Continual improvements through micro-optimisations in the process

Meet Our Team

We Get Sh*t Done

With a hugely diverse background in software engineering, user experience, and technological development, Build Flow’s founder Akshay has spent his working life building up his capacity to guide end-to-end projects and deliver excellent experiences to users across a number of different spaces. Self-described jack-of-all-trades, Elliott has come from an equally varied background in entrepreneurship, a well developed skill set in data-driven digital marketing - primarily. Sreeja has been responsible for the stunning look, feel, and experience of Build Flow and has helped to connect up all the dots with our unique automation flows.

Our Leaders

Akshay - Founder and CEO
Founded Build Flow with intention of helping to revolutionise the construction industry a nifty approach to automation
Sreeja - UX/UI Designer and Workflow Manager
With her technically-oriented approach to design, workflows, and users, she's irreplaceable
Elliott - Content Writer and Graphic Designer
Skilled in data analysis, SEO/SEM/Ads, business management, advertising, content writing and marketing
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Jessie Renolds, Co-Founder
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Jess Friend, VP Engineering
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Rachel Nay, Co-Founder and COO
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Matthew Mays, Chief Sales Officer
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Ray Benji, Chief Financial Officer

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