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Demolishing a house...

Flattening what was there before, and creating a clean slate to start another build. All you’ve gotta do is turn off the power, safely dismantle the structure that was there, and begin the build of your dreams. Sounds relatively easy, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple…

Demolitions can be a tricky, time consuming, and complex beast. According to this article by Alexander Symonds, one of Australia’s most established surveying companies, you’ve got to come up with a safety plan in conjunction with the demolition team of your choice, get approval from the relevant council bodies, contact your utilities individually and apply to have them shut off by a certain date, pay the necessary fees (if any), dispose of any waste in accordance to legislation, cleanup the site, the list goes on and on…

Not only does the article highlight the amount of steps that go into the process, but how crucial a streamlined process, complete with razor-sharp execution, is to completing this first step of a new project.

"A well-planned demolition process can be the difference between your land being developed on time and within budget or experiencing costly delays or complications that affect your goals. A reputable contractor will be able to manage and streamline the process for you."

As it stands now, the vast majority of these jobs, from planning and permit applications to the actual dig itself, are still manual and needing to be done by hand. Paperwork needs to be filled out, companies need to be contacted over the phone, labourers informed of their job, payments done through your bank, and more. This presents much risk when it comes to efficiently executing your project, and meeting SLAs, swallowing up time, money, and energy that could be saved through a seamless workflow.

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This is where Build Flow comes in to play.

Taking note of these inefficiencies and the need for safe, easier, and more sustainable demolitions, we’ve designed an automation system that is custom-built for the construction industry, and for small-to-medium builds just like the one you might be taking on. We wanted to focus on utilising the powerful advances in technology to make life better for you and for your team, and noticed that the industry was sluggish to pick up on these new technologies.

How does it work? Our seamless automation system turns dozens of manual processes into a singular one - simply by clicking through on our portal and submitting an enquiry. We allow all the moving parts of a demo project to talk to each other with precision, and all we need from you is some of the project and property’s specifications and we can begin the process. We are focused on making demolition projects as fluid, safe, sustainable, and efficient as possible. Using Build Flow’s innovative platform, you can harness the power of automation to execute on a demolition with the click of a button.

After we receive your request, our system gets to work without a single second to waste, filing those forms, contacting the necessary workers, ordering in supplies, submitting requests to the utility companies, and helping you to streamline the whole process.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Commonwealth government’s HomeBuilder grant classifies demolitions as ‘substantial renovations’, making you eligible for the grant provided you meet their guidelines. Read up on the details in this other article we’ve written here: INSERT ARTICLE TWO
Or visit the Housing Industry Association’s website for more information.

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