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If you’re a home owner or new home builder, Build Flow wants to help you! We believe our smart automation is the perfect fit for any size project, helping you to manage your projects with ease, cut down costs, and get things done quickly and safely.

Build Flow wants to help you to succeed in renovation, construction, or demolition

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Build Flow can help with construction paperwork

Don't bury yourself in paperwork

Takes care of the nitty gritty in things like paperwork, utilities, the council, and much more

We stick to stringent standards in our practice

Maintaining Standards

Safe and regulated to current Australian building standards. We speaks to builders and labourers on your behalf

Build Flow fills in the gaps so you can get on with life

More time for your creativity

Allows you to focus on the things that matter most, while we sort out the complex stuff

Build Flow is extremely budget-friendly for you construction project


Cost-effective for new home owners/builders, due to the savings possible with automation

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Using smart, reliable tech, Build Flow will get the job done sooner, leaner, and safer

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At Build Flow, we realise how overwhelming owning or building your own home can be. Consulting with project managers, builders, and architects, managing your budget and the build, making sure all the paperwork is right, while still trying to uphold your lifestyle. Using smart technologies, Build Flow will help you breeze through the home building process, simplifying complex jobs using automation