Build Flow's Demolition Products

We do demolitions with a specific focus on getting your demolition done quickly, safely, and cost-effectively using automation

Build Flow's demolition products are here to help you execute
Build Flow's custom build construction platform

We've designed a custom build platform to help you demolish with ease

Our unique, bespoke automation technology revolutionises the way we approach doing demolitions. Using the power of this new tech, we have decided to focus on getting demolitions done more effectively, so you have more time and money to spend on the things that matter.

How does it work?

Our seamless automation system condenses all the manual jobs of a regular demolition into a single one, simply by submitting an enquiry through our console. We allow all the moving of a demo project to talk to each other using the information you provide us. Using this info, we beam your needs out into the world, and arrange for the job to be completed with ease.

Build Flow is a seamless automation system

What our system does automatically

Submission of paperwork
To local councils, builders, utility providers, and more.
Disconnects your services
Such as gas, water, and electricity, to make sure the job site is safe and so you can reconnect when the time comes.
Requests materials
Fencing, skip bins, warning tape, and all the little extras needed to secure the site.
Speaks to builders
In terms of the labour required, we do all the outreach work that'll have people on your site, taking the structure down.
Certifies the site for hazardous materials
If hazardous materials are found on the site, like asbestos, you'll need a certificate to say that you've legally and safely disposed of these materials.
Processes the cleanup
Whether it's trucks, bins, a trip to the tip, we arrange it all so you you can keep working on that dream build.

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